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So here’s a roundup of the questions and answers we’ve covered on the amazing artist that is Paul Banks. We’d recommend you taking the time to read each of them, but here’s a quick version in case you’re short on time!

The Guitars of Paul Banks

Question: Which guitars are considered Paul’s most prized possessions?

  • The Fendi 1962 Jaguar
  • The Gibson Les Paul Custom
  • The Gibson ES-135
  • The Gibson Flying V

The Banks Album

Question: What is the song, “Young Again” about?
Answer: “Young Again” is Paul’s take on childhood, how easy life was back then… not have to worry about being an adult.

Question: What is the song, “I’ll Sue You” about?
Answer: “I’ll Sue You” talks about the difficulty of standing out, the pressure of people expecting one to aim high but given very little to help achieve this goal.

Question: Is the Banks Album suitable for everyone?
Answer: With the album being full of somewhat depressing songs, it speaks to a specific niche – a group who were expected to grow up in a world where education and moral guidance were severely outdated.

Julian Plenti is… Skyscraper

Question: What is the song, “Skyscraper” about?
Answer: A widely criticized song being very repetitive, Paul Banks claims this song is meant to be appreciated for its artistic value. It attempts to venture into a new style of song writing that’s distinctly different from the type of songs and not meant to be a catchy tune that’s overplayed on the radio.

Question: What is the song, “Fly as You Might” about?
Answer: Described as not a typical love song rich on sweet nothings, “Fly as You Might” presents a very realistic and raw point of view. It still screams steadfast determination, but without all the usual “fluff” found in the most popular love songs that exist today.

Paul Banks

Question: What was Paul’s upbringing like?
Answer: Paul was born in England, but moved around quite a bit due to his father’s jobs. As a child Paul called England, Spain, Mexico and of course the United States home.

Question: How has moving around affected Paul’s perspective on the different cultures he was exposed to?
Answer: Paul’s exposure to the different environments has made him appreciate the distinct cultures that exist out there, immersing himself and learning from each.

Question: How has these different cultures made a difference in his music?
Answer: With different cultures come different types of music. He’s weaved these discoveries into his music, paying homage to the times he’s spent in each rich culture.

6 albums that had profound effects on Paul Banks

Question: Which albums have impacted Paul’s life?

  • ‘Daydream Nation’ by Sonic Youth
  • ‘The World of Cecil Taylor’ by Cecil Taylor
  • ‘Straight Outta Compton’ by N.W.A.
  • ‘Slint’ by Spiderland
  • ‘Nashville Skyline’ by Bob Dylan
  • 7th Grade Paul Banks’ homemade mix tape

7 things you need to know about Paul Banks & RZA’s ‘Banks and Steelz’ collaboration

Question: Why did it take 3 years to complete the album?
Answer: Both Paul and RZA had different individual projects going on, hence the delay.

Question: Why didn’t they release the album last year?
Answer: They both wanted to make sure they were happy with the album instead of merely meeting deadlines for the sake of releasing the record.

Question: How well did the two different genres mix together?
Answer: The rock and roll influence that Paul has plus RZA’s hip hop background produced amazing music, finding the ‘middle ground’ between the two worlds.

Question: Are they only planning one album?
Answer: There will be a sequel to the project, especially since 28 tracks didn’t make the album.

Question: What else has Paul been busy with?
Answer: Paul has been in talks with Interpol to produce a new album while busy working on his solo material.

Question: What about RZA?
Answer: RZA has written a total of three movies, one of which is waiting to be released by Lionsgate Films.

Question: Did they know each other before?
Answer: Both were fans of each others’ music from their respective bands, both influencing each other’s careers.