Paul Banks

Mixtape featuring El-P, High Prizm, Mike G and Talib Kweli


from Paul Banks featuring El-P, High Prizm, Talib Kweli and Mike G.
download at Datpiff

Paul is on tour in Europe full details here.


  1. I went to see the concert at the Mousonturm in Frankfurt last evening. I really like the new CD. Unfortunately, my friend and I were both incredibly disappointed in the dreadful sound mix that was bungled by whomever was on the sound board. It was the worst mixing and sound work I have ever had the misfortune to hear. We stayed through the concert but couldn’t stand to hear such poor sound so left before the encores. We love the music, and it is a shame that it was presented so poorly. I hope your entire tour is not like that, otherwise…

    Tom Callahan

    — Tom Callahan · 29 January 2013 · #

  2. Hi Tom, we told Mr Banks the problem after the show. He told us: Always stand were the sound guys are situated! And I can tell you: The sound in Cologne was perfect! And I did not really change my position. Just see another show, there are stil some left


    — Manon · 4 February 2013 · #

  3. Thank you for a great Copenhagen show 8/2 :) A good time was had by all! Fantastic! Thank you!

    — Henrik · 7 February 2013 · #

  4. We have just known of your 1st tour date in South America next March in Buenos Aires… The question is… will Santiago be on your plans too? Really hoping to see u again on this side of the world, man!

    — Natalia · 9 February 2013 · #

  5. So nice to listen to “on the esplanade” live, I loved it! Great concert yesterday in Hamburg, thank you :-)

    — Evelyn · 10 February 2013 · #

  6. Thank you very much for a great performance yesterday in Amsterdam! I’ve never seen you smile so much during an Interpol gig; it suits you well! Enjoy the rest of your tour

    — rolin · 11 February 2013 · #

  7. Extremely looking forward to seeing you perform in Greece! Ecstatic you are playing ‘Unwind’ on your latest gigs!!

    — Eli · 11 February 2013 · #

  8. Congrats for your show last night in l’Alhambra, Paris
    Merci pour ce partage
    I wish you the best to come


    — safia · 12 February 2013 · #

  9. thx for your great show in Paris

    — phildo95 · 13 February 2013 · #

  10. Thanks for the most amazing show in Athens last night! All I could have asked for and more. Gongrats! Hope to see you again soon.

    — Helena · 16 February 2013 · #

  11. Amazing concert in Moscow! Thank you so much! Fantastic music, excellent performance, ineffable emotions… Come back as soon as you can :) Thanks again for incredible concert!

    — Arina · 19 February 2013 · #

  12. …All that we see or seem
    Is but a dream within a dream.
    I stand amid the roar
    Of a surf-tormented shore,
    And I hold within my hand
    Grains of the golden sand…

    Edgar Allan Poe

    From St. Petersburg with gratefully.

    — Laura · 19 February 2013 · #

  13. Paul, you are so amazing! Wondering if you produce as well as collaborate with artists? I want you on my team! ; )

    Much love!

    Carolina G. · 6 March 2013 · #

  14. Hi
    I attended your show in Paris (alhambra).
    Very magic moment.
    Your musical universe is so authentic and unique.

    you’re still invited to eat a risotto at home by the way.

    Oh one questio : what’s between your Xotic EP Bosster and your holy grail on stage ?

    Take care and come back to Paris anytime, you’ll be our skyscraper ! Don’t have much of these in France ^^.



    — Laurent · 8 March 2013 · #

  15. is it possible to update that? Europe is done! It´s too sad, each time I look here I hope, but…

    — Manon · 15 March 2013 · #

  16. Are there/could there be T shirts? I’d also love an alternate “everybody on my Clit like…” & would buy two of each!

    — Melba · 8 November 2013 · #

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    yvnxadie · 11 November 2013 · #

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    ypvlpgyl · 11 November 2013 · #

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    ulbrmvuh · 11 November 2013 · #

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    ocdikhrk · 11 November 2013 · #

  21. When are you finally going to hit Atlanta and do some Southern dates?
    We are dyin for our Paul fix in the dirty south!

    — JDubbs · 16 November 2013 · #

  22. Hey Paul, none of the posh English lit PhDs at my university seem to actually know what the hell poetry is, but I often feel that you do. Please know that there’re people out there who truly dig your lyrics. The grammar, the intertext, the irony.
    Stay Flynn.

    — Elizabeth · 24 December 2013 · #


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