Paul Banks


  1. Looking forward to show at the Troc. Stoked you all are coming to Philly!

    — Chavie · 30 September 2012 · #

  2. You are so talented,every time you doing music is a masterpiece. I love you Paul Banks.

    Kenya · 10 October 2012 · #

  3. I can’t wait to hear the entire album.
    “Only if you run” and “Skyscraper” are one of my favourite songs, and “The Base” announce a greeaat album !!
    See you in Paris, in February ! !

    Alex · 13 October 2012 · #

  4. exciting video! bated breath to hear the entire album. hoping the stars align so you can visit Boston…

    — Blue · 18 October 2012 · #

  5. Just downloaded Banks a couple hours ago and love it already. See you at Slims!

    — Brooke · 23 October 2012 · #

  6. Austin is looking forward to your first date of the tour at FFF Fest!

    — Leif · 25 October 2012 · #

  7. I am a huge fan for many years… I am sorry to see you working for Obama though. I voted for him but I really think he lied to all of us. He did not do what he said he would do and things are really worse than they were before him. I still love you though!

    — john c · 26 October 2012 · #

  8. Hi Paul

    i am lying in hospital after a surgery right now - your beautiful songs are helping me very much to recover - i have already infected a nurse with your brilliant music - she was mentioning “this is a wonderful music” while my computer was playing “Summertime is Coming”
    in my opinion you are amongst the 10 coolest persons alive on this planet - keep holding on

    all the best - i will hopefully make it to Lausanne - looking forward
    Andy, Zurich-Switzerland

    — Andy Ecker · 1 November 2012 · #

  9. It’s amazing to me how there are so many what I like to call “hot spots” (a term I use for lack of a better one). It seems that occasionally people come along who light up the lives of others with their art and how they carry themselves. You, Dear Beautiful Man, are one such person. I’m currently writing a novel and when I am stumped, I look to your crazy beautiful songs and lyrics for inspiration. Thank you. Love and rock on, Paul!

    — Michelle · 7 November 2012 · #

  10. I feel terrible that I had no clue you had an album out. I’m sure its perfect! Going out to buy it today. Thank you for making music that I can relate to.


    PS I’m currently 8 months pregnant but there is no way in hell I’m missing your show in LA on 12/5/12!

    — Susana Sanchez · 14 November 2012 · #

  11. Hello Paul,

    Didn’t realize fyfest was your first gig solo. My companion and I were late and I made him sprint from the train as I could hear you guys on stage. We got there for the last set and it sounded very well put together, some rich melodies going on.

    Good luck and thanks for making great music.


    Jennifer Pond · 22 November 2012 · #

  12. I had this brilliant dream last night that Mr. Banks and I were hanging out in his 1930s Ranch in Texas with his ‘son’ : a perfect miniature version of him!

    The Banks LP turns and turns on the platter : just fits these days perfectly. Keep blazin that trail geezer. Catch you in C. Europa soon.. Bom!

    — Todd Brooker · 6 December 2012 · #

  13. Me encanta tu musica y la de Interpol! Viendo tu concierto desde el plaza condensa en México D.F.

    — Adolfo Ruiz · 8 December 2012 · #

  14. amo você!
    dois amantes caminham lado a lado no entorno do lago.
    e asas dobram como folhas de árvores
    amo você
    temo a decadencia
    por favor, não me transforme em cinzas
    eu realmente amo você e isso dói
    pq é tão dificil ficar longe?
    por favor, não aprove este comentário!
    eu sonho com vc desde pequena…

    Dominique · 7 January 2013 · #

  15. Best of luck with tour paul. Hope it all goes well for you. Now get out there and enjoy yourself chief and rock your socks off in Dublin

    — Ali · 20 January 2013 · #

  16. how come harold faltmeyer?Me and my brother collect film scores,i thought carlos was a contender to become a name in film music but it seems you now are/could be.
    Love cavern worship.
    basil poledouris on next ep please[showdown from robocop.See you tommorow at manchester.

    — gareth · 21 January 2013 · #

  17. Just landed back in Ireland after travelling across to your gig in KOKO, London.. This is the second time I’ve seen you live and you really don’t disappoint! It’s a pleasure to watch you sing live, in fact I think I spotted you out in the crowd before the gig started! Keep up the good work, I’m really looking forward to more of your work.. Highlight of the night had to be Skyscraper live..

    — Dan · 26 January 2013 · #

  18. Dear Paul,

    I felt the need to write to you after your great performance in Milan and especially after our lovely talk outside the club.
    There was no way I could feel the cold temperature in your presence. I had the strong, heartwarming impression of meeting a soul of rare and wonderful intensity.
    Poetry is what I look for every day of my life: yesterday it was just overwhelming.

    Again, thank you for being there, now more than ever. The thought of you, your touching music and lyrics bring comfort to my heart.

    Wishing you all the best.

    — Isabella · 2 February 2013 · #

  19. I know how this will seem a bit crappy after that wonderful thing Isabella wrote. But I had a brilliant dream as well. And in my dream, Paul was fucking me. Yea. It was pretty good in my dream. Thanks!

    — Alice · 11 February 2013 · #

  20. Paul, you are not a nice man. You enjoy hurting women. Shame on you.

    ~A disappointed former fan, Stacy

    — Stacy · 14 June 2013 · #

  21. Ten years ago or so, I opened the door to my 1991 powder blue Dynasty to ferry Carlos and I back to the hotel. We had all just finished playing pool at a dive in Oklahoma where the locals expressed their resentment at you because they didn’t like who they were at the time. I glanced back at you in my white slip, sticky with sweat. The look on your face surprised me. I had never seen it before and haven’t since and I think about it once in awhile.

    — Megan · 1 July 2013 · #

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    sbsetuyg · 11 November 2013 · #

  26. I love your music, i love your voice, i love the way you sing your songs. Please do come in Balkan, Eastern Europe, anywhere it doesn’t matter which country, i live in Albania, but i would probably be the only person at the concert which i wouldn’t mind at all. I wish you health and more beautiful music.


    iDEN · 25 June 2014 · #


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