Paul Banks

The Base

What I draw today will be recognized as shape
I spoke to the base, and the base says we wait
So I smoke an old cigar while the giant sun fades
I spoke to the base and the base says we wait
The base says we’re safe

Now and then I can see the truth above the lies
Now and then I feel you’re truly anesthetized
that’s why…

When I walk today it’s in silence and in rain
Can a man turn the page while he’s trying to amaze
(It ain’t nothin)
So I hold my arms apart; I don’t deny you anything
I spoke to the base. And the base says we’re Flynn.
The base says we win

Now and then I can see the truth above the lies
Now and then oh I feel those beauties this life belies
They’re like street lights they tunnel on and on
Into these deep nights where the heights of alarm are so steep

So steep

I count the falling the sounds
None of these voices turn me around
Above these steeps I can fly
As lightning cycles over a pious night
I count the falling sounds
And I will not be staying long

Now and then I can see the truth above the lies
Now and then I can see those beauties that shun my eyes.
That’s right.


  1. Man, teach me how to write like you! Everything you write seems to sink so well with whatever mood i happen to be in. Keep it up Paul, you’re a fucking genius.

    — Harry Roberts · 19 December 2012 · #

  2. This is by far my favorite song, perfection.

    — Lily · 26 December 2012 · #

  3. This song is like a drug to me, in fact, all of your songs, your voice. I’m in love!
    Thank you Paul, thank you very much!

    — Caroline · 1 April 2013 · #

  4. Another lyrical masterpiece. Thanks for breaking down they lyrics and your alias JP in your faceculture interview.

    — Seattle Tom · 28 June 2013 · #

  5. Well Paul, I’ve listened to you for my four years in high school, and I plan on listening way more. Your lyrics, oh man, the mystery they provoke, your history they evoke; I can intuitively empathize with songs like No Chance Survival, The Base, The New, Slow Hands, and Public Pervert. Your words explored your soul and your voice consoled my own. Thanks, maybe you’ll see my stuff one day? In the meantime, I’ll be musing, perusing, and fooling about with friends as we every once in a while all join in to sing one of your songs.

    — Vince V. · 15 October 2013 · #

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    bqlagagk · 11 November 2013 · #

  11. Paul, I can’t stop listening to your songs! Man, what are you doing to me? “The Base” is so hypnotizing and deep that I think I’m in space! Thank you so much for this impressing song and don’t give up. I want to see you in Germany at least one time!
    Lots of love,

    — Jessica · 2 January 2014 · #

  12. Genius.

    Yourself and the other Julian (Casablancas) are the best songwriters of a generation…

    I’m going to use this song for an audition onto a music course - the entire album is unimpeachable.

    Looking forward to seeing Interpol in Glasgow soon.

    — Michael McKean · 28 February 2014 · #


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