Paul Banks
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Arise, Awake

Arise, awake
To open the sky is the aim
Arise, awake
To open the sky is the aim
The prophesied fulfilling

Here comes the dolphin times
A light upon the filthy

Arise, don’t hate

Here comes the dolphin times
a light upon the filthy
And when we change our minds
How slight offenses will seem

Here we go it’s all happening
Remote overhang
We know it’s all happening
Simplify this by yourself
Here we go it’s all the same
Oh no, this is all happening
Don’t deny it to yourself
Call me crazy
The rules have changed
And now every side can win
I lose my page when I rectify my whim
All I know is I want to be taken back
Over and over
I wait for days and your eyes take me back
to these olympic times
All I know is I want to be taken back
Over and over
Safe to say I am borrowing peace from my past
We know it’s all happening


  1. my favorite song on the album. love the drumming, the background chatter..brilliant! see you soon.

    — nancy · 26 November 2012 · #

  2. great song!! it was awesome listening to this live

    — Diana · 17 December 2012 · #

  3. Best outro ever.

    — Lily · 26 December 2012 · #

  4. hermosa…

    — coni · 26 December 2012 · #

  5. Does anyone know what building/structure is featured on the artwork in this page (on the left side)?

    — Cool Lemons · 6 January 2013 · #

  6. :) hey! hola a todos! : Esta fué la primera canciòn del album que me gusto apenas la terminé de escuchar!, junto a Summertime is Coming, I’ll Sue You, Young Again, The Base y Paid for That este album merece ser comprado en absoluto! MUCHìSIMAS GRACIAS PAUL, DAMIEN, CHARLES Y BRANDON POR VUESTRO TIEMPO PARA DESPEDIRSE DE LA GENTE QUE VINO AL TUNNEL A VERLOS! GRACIAS ESPECIALES A WILLIAM Y A MR STEVE POR SU PACIENCIA. THANKS SO MUCH FOR MUSIC, INSPIRATION AND THE TIME TO GREET THE PEOPLE WHO CAME OUT DURING THIS TOUR! Wish you the best, ciao!

    — Miguel · 3 February 2013 · #

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  12. tuve el honor de comprar este cd mientras escuchaba a paul banks en vivo en san francisco el ano pasado, increible concierto, increible album, y esta cancion creo que es mi favorita del disco, bravo paul… lo hiciste otra vez….

    — NEYOO · 17 December 2013 · #

  13. I love with my heart this song. Brazil loves Paul Banks.

    — Betinho Filho · 15 April 2014 · #

  14. Amo esta canción y todo el disco. Una pieza fabulosa. <3 =)

    — Jimena · 21 August 2014 · #

  15. Your eyes take me back, over and over

    — jenine · 10 December 2014 · #

  16. I love your voice and your words. I’ve been listening to the whole album, but when I got to Arise, Awake I had to stop.
    I’ve been listening to the track for two days, verdict: perfection. Thank you for what you do, your music can truly inspire and cure minds and souls.

    Silvana · 3 February 2015 · #


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