Paul Banks
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Summertime is Coming

Summertime is coming so get out
Forget all the things that do with doubt
We’ll swallow all the animals that hiss,
“We will spend our whole lives like this”
Summertime is coming so get out

So get out

Summertime is calling for you child
To give you a sense of reliance
To feel at home in a crowd
The season the season is calling
And all of it breathes into one day…

You get out
So get out

I’m calling
Are you ready now?
I’m calling you out
Are you ready now?
I’m calling to find a way back
And somehow to stay that hand

Summertime is coming for you child
‘Cuz Summer can feel that you’re pliant
And that you’re sweet like a peach on the beach is…

So get out
Ooh you’ll get out

Are you ready now?
I’m calling
Are you ready now?
I’m calling you out
Are you ready now?
And somehow to stay that hand
We win
Are you ready now?
We win
I’m calling

Is this the right time to know me?
Is this the right time to know?
Is this the right sign to show me?
Is this the right…
Is this the right….mind?

Can we waste some more time just colliding in space?
No matter how high we set the bar…we win


  1. Great, thanks for this, Paul.

    — Ismael · 20 November 2012 · #

  2. simply awesome we`ll be waiting you here in monterrey paul thnk`s so much!

    KEVIN · 21 November 2012 · #

  3. see u in manchester

    — mp · 26 November 2012 · #

  4. I’m so happy to have new music out of you. Read the all your lyrics here- primo!
    Your music seems to both confuse me and inspires me (bizarre mix) for about 8 years now?
    Anyway- I wanted to tell you in a comment that your passion flows the way it used to back years ago.
    The same vigor and life is back. So for what its worth- going it alone, in my opinion, was the best choice you could have made.

    PS: I seriously want to ask you 50 thousand technical questions about the way you compose your lyrics.
    Can’t wait for your stop in Atlanta. I will be there as always to listen.


    — Theo Lauren Símon · 2 December 2012 · #

  5. simply beautiful, I almost cried when you sang the colliding in space part in Monterrey, thank you so much

    — Diana · 17 December 2012 · #

  6. This song hits it just right. Beautiful. Can’t wait to hear this in Amsterdam in February!

    — Adriaan · 18 December 2012 · #

  7. muchas gracias por las letras, de verdad!
    se agradece el gesto

    — coni · 26 December 2012 · #

  8. Ya que el disco original no trae las letras con el artwork, es genial poderlas encontrar en una fuente oficial para saber qué es lo que realmente dicen. Saludos desde Chile, una gran pieza musical que no podía ser de otro sino de Paul Banks :D

    Fabian · 12 March 2013 · #

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  10. WE WIN! :)

    TeamOWH · 22 June 2013 · #

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    owcsuvrs · 11 November 2013 · #

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    gyfhugyf · 11 November 2013 · #

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    nkamaksw · 11 November 2013 · #

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    dhcgxiuu · 11 November 2013 · #

  15. the lyrics are really awesome and the music is the best! Banks is a genius!

    kat · 16 March 2014 · #

  16. Hi there, You have so many fans here in algeria and i am a fervent one . your songs are simply awsome. Wish you more success. Nothing suceeds success like success.

    Toumache Abdelghani · 6 June 2014 · #

  17. Felings of loneliness and self confinement are a constant struggle for me, it is really comforting to feel understood through these lyrics. This is my song to listen to when my motivation to try embrace myself and get out into the wild need a little push. Thank you so much Paul for putting this out there.

    Ackm · 15 August 2014 · #

  18. I think I’ll stay.

    — gmarr · 27 September 2014 · #

  19. I was listening to this song once it came out. Everyday commuting to work by car, On the Esplanade - Summertime is Coming. Every single day for months.

    Eventually I left my job that I didn’t like, left my country, changed continent, turned up a lot of other things and though not everything is better now, I feel I am truly living.

    I do not know how you can write these songs, but please do not stop. But they gave me strength.

    In three days I will be facing big changes again.

    I hope we’ll win.

    Alberto · 30 January 2015 · #


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