Paul Banks

Hello to all,

Regrettably, we are going to postpone the Nov 13th Webster Hall show. The show will be rescheduled for December 14th. Tickets that have already been purchased are of course valid, or refundable.

Needless to say, we were VERY excited about rocking out for our hometown crowd. But it will just have to wait. Basically, Sandy managed to disrupt the preparations that are necessary to put on a good concert.

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this causes any of you. But I hope to see you ALL in December. You bring your cherubic faces, and I will bring the rock.

Best, Paul Banks

  • Woodstock Valle, Mexico

    7 December 2012


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    1. Mr. Banks! Thanks for this show the next 7th December!Looking at you schedule, México is the only place that isn’t US or Europe. Is a pleasure to have you here in Latinamerica.

      See ya at Woodstock.

      Muchas gracias. Admiro su empeño y dedicación a la música; Gracias!

      — Alonso Suárez · 29 November 2012 · #

    2. Hello and greetings Mr. Banks i would like to thank you for coming to this wonderful and magnificent city Mty, i ve been a fan since your Interpol days and i absolutely love those albums, but i think Julian Plenti lives and Banks your most recent work is great! i love both albums but i must say i enjoy better your previous work, anyway i hope to see you and why not maybe u get to sign me your records yes i’m a dreamer anyhow thanks again and i hope you give your best and i expect it too. your fan Leo.

      Leo · 4 December 2012 · #

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